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mesas January 12th, 2012 12:43 AM

Windows Server 2008 R2 .NET technology
Many of the nowadays hosting are based on the .NET technology. Sure, Linux has made a solution for you to be able to use ASP as a part of Linux interface as a client and host, however the magnitude of errors and instability is just too great while the Windows as a Microsoft product has all that it needs to perform with reliability and availability. Another part of the whole package of Windows VPS hosting is the My SQL and the Microsoft Access which play a significant role in all of this. This is all just the beginning of the features that the Windows Server 2008 has to offer, and with the release of the R2 version the operating system was added additional boost of features making it more complex for beginner to learn how to use it. But the advanced users are just waiting this type of improvements with the OS which will give them and provide them with more abilities that will make the management of the hosting service and the introduction of new services for the expansion of the hosting field. The recently released R2 SP1 will create additional mess in the server OS environment as the ones who realize the new features and learn how to use them will profit the most from that upgrade. All of the other features concerning the price of the VPS, features that characterize that technology, its management, advantages and disadvantages can all be read in one of the articles that are written besides this one. It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have with the VPS there is always something new to learn as the extent of this technology was broad enough before the R2 version, not to mention after it.

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