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david69 December 21st, 2016 05:32 PM

How to buy domain
In this guide we will cover everything that you need to know to make an educated decision about buying a domain name for your business. Some basic rules that you need to keep and many useful advice. First, lets start with some terms that are commonly used when we talk about domains.

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maeacuemo December 27th, 2016 09:09 PM

Re: How to buy domain
First, research the best domain names for your business. More than just a fancy name, a domain name is a powerful asset. You need to be aware of other similar domains that can confuse your customers, whether it is sufficiently descriptive or memorable.

Once you have a few ideas, search to find out whether you can register them. All registrars have a domain name search bar. Enter your ideas and find any matching domains currently available for registration. If available, the registrar will then give you the opportunity to register it for a set period -- usually one or two years. However, registration fees can vary immensely between providers. It is important to compare domain name prices and know what you actually get for your money.

Prankit5 March 16th, 2017 05:15 AM

Re: How to buy domain
If you would like to buy the domain name then you should contact with the host re seller. There are lots of re seller thought the internet. But not all of them are good. You can see their reviews and reputation. This will help you to find out the best one.

24x7cloudservermanagement March 16th, 2017 10:25 PM

Re: How to buy domain
Why to contact reseller when you have direct access to domain providers like godaddy ,enom ..

if you are going to host the domain with the same provider then that makes sense of hosting and domain registration with domain reseller who is providing hosting too.


Originally Posted by Prankit5 (Post 25337)
If you would like to buy the domain name then you should contact with the host re seller. There are lots of re seller thought the internet. But not all of them are good. You can see their reviews and reputation. This will help you to find out the best one.

hazel_01 March 28th, 2017 01:22 AM

Re: How to buy domain
Hi, As per my research I would say Scopehosts is providing Best Domain registration service with DNS Management, Domain Security, Easy Control panel to handle all domain related activities, Malware security and more. I had contacted them for My Clients Domain registration. I found them very affordable too.

Maithiu April 20th, 2017 07:14 AM

Re: How to buy domain
How do i Buy domain name ? it is the interesting question behalf of this question i am gonna suggest you some domain name providers like godaddy, hostgator, Bluehost, host1plus, but from the research of domain name there is a result that saying that Godaddy is the best domain and hosting provider. so try it once thank you.

Saurabh Mathur November 9th, 2017 05:28 AM

Re: How to buy domain
For this, I would recommend you to firstly choose a good domain name for your website, and then move to second step that is to find good domain name providers like Microhost, godaddy, bluehost and many more. They will make you comfortable with their services available with them and hence, can choose the best that suits you according to the cost price and other features.

24x7servermanagement November 11th, 2017 04:38 AM

Re: How to buy domain
Here are most important tips while registering the domain -

1. Make sure you will choose the domain name related to your site. That is if you would like to create the site related to games then from it's name, end-user should get the purpose of the site.

2. Make sure to choose the domain extension carefully, If you are developing the educational site then the extension should be .edu so it will clarify the use of your website.

3. You can use country specific extensions too.

4. Use the top rated keywords while assigning name to your website so it will help you to rank your website in SEO.

5. Domain name should be short and sweet, easy to remember. It should be easy to remember and catchy. I would suggest it should not be more than 20 o 25 characters. Because visitor should remember the name of your website easily. If it's too lengthy then no one remember it and as a result, no visitors, no money. Make sure it convey the purpose of your website.

Domain name popularity depends on factors like visitors, alexa, design, architecture, contents on the website , images and number of links pointing to your website, social site linking. You will need to review the all links connected to your website. You should remove the bad links that is spam links. Internal linking should be proper.

Hope this will help you.

tech26873 November 21st, 2017 04:18 AM

Re: How to buy domain
In this discussion you will get how can I check the domain is avoilable or not and how can i registor a domain.

First of all you need to search the domain which you are looking is avoilabe or not. you can check it on godaddy, just search for your domain on search box their. If avoilable you can registor your domain. one e-mail and phone number is must for a domain registor.

Thanks .........

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